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Saturday, November 25, 2006

7:00 PM
Royal Canadian Legion

1820 Cornwall Street

  • High Heels on Wheels
    (Leslie Sloan & Donna Cassyd, USA, 2005, video, 11 min.)
    A kick-ass bunch of roller derby racers reminisce about their past thrills.

  • Is It Really So Strange?
    (William E. Jones, USA, 2004, video, 80 min.)

    'I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a thing to wear.'

    As the foppish and sexually ambiguous singer/songwriter of the 1980s music legend The Smiths, Morrissey brought intelligence, wit and mystery to pop tunes still unmatched in their ability to make grown men cry.

    Queer filmmaker William E. Jones interviews a new, but equally obsessive, fan base of The Smiths and Morrissey: Latino youths in East Los Angeles. The documentary makes the connection between The Smiths' working-class, Manchester-raised, ethnic Irish experience and that of the sons and daughters of Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles.

    Fans, gay and straight, discuss what Morrissey and his music and lyrics mean to them. Desire, self-identity and devotion collide as the complexities of the star's life and art are dissected by his devotees. Interviews with members of tribute band The Sweet and Tender Hooligans reveal even more about Morrissey's enduring appeal among the pompadoured denizens of the City of Angels. As one fan puts it, they relate to Morrissey because 'he always sounds sad and depressed and lonely: all the good stuff.'

    With Morrissey's recent return to the limelight with his new album Ringleader of the Tormentors, the time is right to revisit this singular voice whose music soundtracked the angst and drama of so many lonely teenage nights. This charming man, indeed!

9:00 PM
Royal Canadian Legion

1820 Cornwall Street
  • Fun in Girls and Boys Shorts
    These sexy and irreverent shorts will make you giddy with joy and titter in excitement. Get ready for a riotous romp!

    • The Heterosexual Menace
      (Steve Ferger, USA, 2005, video, 5 min.)
      A studly Daddy's poolside fantasy collides with a conservative mom's focus on the family.

    • Attack of the Bride Monster
      (Vicky Boone, USA, 2005, video, 18 min.)
      When Betty falls under the Bride Monster's bedazzling spell, Stella watches in horror as her long-time girlfriend is transformed into a woman only Godzilla could love.

    • Day One: a period piece
      (Pam Doré & Dara Sklar, USA, 2005, video, 15 min.)
      A sexy magazine executive's plans for the perfect first date are thrown into a tailspin when she wakes up with her period!

    • Rain
      (Jean-Gabriel Périot, France, 2004, video, 2 min.)
      A kaleidoscope of cocks explode in a visually-stimulating shower.

    • Harigata: The Alien Dildo That Turned Women Into Sex-Hungry Lesbos
      (Szu Burgess, USA, 2003, video, 9 min.)
      This campy film combines found footage from 1950s sci-fi flicks and vintage-style lesbian porn to explore America's worst nightmare.

    • Valley of the Chapstick
      (Robert Kennedy, Canada, 2006, video, 8 min.)
      A cautionary tale about the high price of moisturized lips.

    • The Underminer
      (Todd Downing, UK/USA, 2005, video, 6 min.)
      With friends like this well, you need more friends.

    • Taco Chick and Salsa Girl
      (Kurt Koehler, USA, 2005, video, 15 min.)
      Taco Chick and Salsa Girl are on the menu to save the world!

    • Deliriously Jen
      (Angus Oblong, USA, 2005, video, 13 min.)
      In a gleeful attempt to find her place in the world, exuberant and oblivious Jen crosses every line of appropriate behaviour.

    • Sissy Boy Slap Party
      (Guy Maddin, Canada, 2004, video, 5 min.)
      Starring Louis Negin and his Chippewa Sissy-Boys, this five-minute study in what can go wrong when the sissys are left alone is an exercise in grafting the Three Stooges onto a Kenneth Anger lilac bush.

11:00 PM
Royal Canadian Legion

1820 Cornwall Street
  • Backalley Jukebox
    Backalley Jukebox is the first touring program to showcase the filth and the fury of queer music film and video culture. In a time when queer musicians are as talented as they are productive, Backalley Jukebox demands your attention... don't be afraid to crawl on your hands and knees to stick a quarter in this slot. Curated by Matt Thomas. Curator in attendance.

    • 1/4 Life Crisis
      (Q-Boy & Khalid Laith, UK, 2004, video, 5 min.)
      UK's tightest gay rapper tries to figure out his lot.

    • Pants into the Sun
      (Bernadette Houde, Canada, 2006, video, 5 min.)
      Zombies vs. the Queer Dance Rebellion.

    • Promofunk
      (Ryan Junell, USA, 2003, video, 4 min.)
      Watch the pink moustache paint the town fagtastic.

    • You Are My Sister
      (Charles Atlas, USA, 2006, video, 4 min.)
      We are all beautiful, we are all sisters.

    • Ballad For Win and Regine
      (Sara St. Onge, Canada, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      A little fantasy at work helps pass the time.

    • The Boyfriend Song
      (Kevin Drew, Canada, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      A basement makeout party with something for everyone.

    • Call Out Our Lions
      (Cody Critcheloe, USA, 2004, video, 4 min.)
      Don't sit in the corner waiting for your chance.

    • Double Fantasy II
      (Justin Kelly, USA, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      This press conference doubles as a slutty dance-in.

    • Filthy, Gorgeous
      (John Cameron Mitchell, USA, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      New York City explodes with decadent dancing freaks.

    • Game On
      (Kids on TV, Canada, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      Signature KOTV beats and cockwolf treats.

    • I Believe in the Good Life
      (Joel Gibb, Canada, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      Some bad apples just wanna get off.

    • If Sumday
      (Loraine French, UK, 2006, video, 4 min.)
      Like a heartbeat, love keeps us strong.

    • If You Want It
      (Giles O'Dell, USA, 2005,video, 4 min.)
      This two-headed girl bug slides up next to ya at the disco.

    • Keep On Livin'
      (Paper Tiger & Rodney Street, USA, English, 2002, video, 4 min.)
      These queer kids don't take no for an answer.

    • Love You Better
      (Dave O'Brien, USA, English, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      Looks are always deceiving.

    • Burger Baby
      (Eric October, USA, English, 2003, video, 2 min.)
      Celebrate the best thing between two buns.

    Queer City Cinema Closing Night Party

    12:30 AM
    Lancaster Lounge - Royal Canadian Legion