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Thursday, November 23, 2006

7:00 PM
Royal Canadian Legion

1820 Cornwall Street

  • I Like To Watch
    Shocking, poetic, visceral, whimsical. These are some of the responses you will have to these short, sweet and sour performance videos. Viewer indiscretion is advised.

    • Dans Le Passage
      (Nathaniel Siry-Fortin, Canada, 2005, video, 16 min.)
      The location defines me, it deconstructs me.

    • Sightings
      (Ruthann Lee & Anne-Marie Estrada, Canada, 2005, video, 2 min.)
      Help the city of Toronto fight the Asian Long-Horned Beetle!

    • Rules of the Road
      (Deborah VanSlet, Canada, 2005, video, 8 min.)
      A hitch-hiking dance video about heading out into unknown parts.

    • Teach Me How To Love (Savoir Aimer)
      (Pascal Lievre, France, French w/ English Subtitles, 2004, video, 2 min.)
      How do you resist violence using a song as your sole weapon?

    • one is the loneliest number
      A universal hero is placed in the shoes of the heartbroken.

    • Aquarius
      (Jared Gradinger, Germany/USA, 2005, video, 5 min.)
      A result of three consecutive evenings of improvised video. Welcome to his loneliness.

    • Patriotic
      (Pascal Lievre & Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, France/Canada, 2005, video, 5 min.)
      A seductive propaganda video about anti-terrorism.

    • Pig Heart
      (Jesika Joy, Canada, 2005, video, 3 min.)
      What is the relationship between intimacy and violence, desire and disgust?

    • Stripshow
      (Jesika Joy, Canada, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      The desired female object is exposed as little more than a fragile performance.

    • Bonne Fte
      (Miriam Ginestier, Canada, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      Fannie Nipplebottom is invited to a very special birthday party.

    • The Only Letter I've Ever Written
      (Tung-Yen Chou, Taiwan/UK, English and Spanish w/ English Subtitles, 2005, video, 12 min.)
      The film and writing, writing and memories.

9:00 PM
Royal Canadian Legion

1820 Cornwall Street

  • (e)XP(e)RIM(e)NTAL
    Venture into this collection of mesmerizing images and abstract narratives.

    • Avenues X
      (Marik Boudreau, Canada, 2005, video, 6 min.)
      A reflection on the nature of aging through an exploration of the cityscapes of New York, New Orleans and Montréal.

    • Even If She Had Been A Criminal... (Et-Elle Ete Criminelle...)
      (Jean-Gabriel Périot, France, 2005, video, 10 min.)
      France, Summer of 1944: women suffer the punishment for alleged affairs with Germans during the war.

    • Introduction To Brazilian Gems
      (Burton Bush, USA, 2005, video, 6 min.)
      A montage of appropriated images and sound is at once foreboding and campy in this 'gem' of a video.

    • Magical Thinking
      (Michael Stecky, Canada, 2005, video, 5 min.)
      A performative story of alchemy, ritual and transformation told through a distorted and disorienting multi-screen television newscast.

    • Touch
      (Anita Schoepp, Canada, 2004, video, 4 min.)
      A simple caress can yield an array of responses from aggression to intimacy to healing.

    • (panacea)
      (Diego Costa, USA, 2005, video, 13 min.)
      Two lovers, a sailor and an artist, spend their last afternoon together.

    • The Fine Art of Poisoning
      (Bill Domonkos, USA, 2002, video, 6 min.)
      An elegant netherworld of deceit, plotting and secretly-served revenge.

    • four weeks in January
      (Sylvain Verstricht, Canada, 2004, video, 6 min.)
      Seeking to make sense out of home movies, the artist re-shoots a video and comes to realize that the images create the meaning just as much as the meaning creates the images.

    • Dies Irae
      (Jean-Gabriel Périot, France, 2005, video, 10 min.)
      Remember the reason for your journey and don't forget it along the way.

11:00 PM
Royal Canadian Legion

1820 Cornwall Street

  • David
    (Roberto Fiesco, Mexico, Spanish w/ English Subtitles, 2005, video, 15 min.)
    A mute student ditches school to go to the movies, but his plans change when he meets an unemployed man and they discover new ways to communicate.

  • Night Watch (Ronda Nocturna)
    (Edgardo Cozarinsky, Argentina, Spanish w/ English Subtitles, 2005, video, 80 min.)

    This dark, sensitive tale of an atypical night in the life of Victor, a 20-year-old Buenos Aires prostitute, puts a fresh, intelligent twist on the frequently told drama of young male hustlers.

    Victor plies his trade in a foreboding, seedy world with its nocturnal denizens - horny businessmen, drug addicts, fellow prostitutes, transvestites, and the homeless - and the threat of violence simmering just below the surface of most encounters. Projecting a cool nonchalance bordering on insensitivity, the handsome, mop-haired young Victor feels at peace with both this world and his trade.

    The night, however, quickly takes on an ominous feel after he narrowly escapes being hit by a car right after midnight and the beginning of All Souls Days. He is haunted by this brush with death, and as the night wears on, other incidents - threatening strangers, a friend who almost kills him after sex, the remembrance of a past love - combine to create for Victor, a subtle, surreal urban odyssey.

    Veteran director Edgardo Cozarinsky weaves a fascinating portrait of a young man forced to confront his past, his present and his future.

    Program note from the Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Queer City Cinema Satellite Programming

7:30 PM ($5.00 - NO FESTIVAL PASSES)
Gay and Lesbian Community of Regina (GLCR)

2070 Broad Street

  • Queer City Cinema is pleased to be able to bring you two documentaries that address the importance of building a social queer community within smaller towns and cities like Regina. Gay bars and clubs serve as a haven for queers of all stripes in these smaller centres where the notion of 'lesbian and gay' is still often met with hostility and disapproval. These documentaries celebrate, affirm and remind us just how much we really need each other. To add to this local context, the two documentaries are accompanied by a short film from another Regina filmmaker.

    • Closed Doors
      (Beatrix Moersch & Lana Palmer, Canada, 2006, video, 8 min.)

      A lonely man in a cold world develops a relationship in the most unlikely of ways. When barriers are suddenly shattered he must confront himself and the outside. Directors in attendance

    • small town gay bar
      (Malcolm Ingram, USA, 2006, video, 81 min.)
      small town gay bar is a tribute to the resiliency of gays living in rural areas throughout America. A moving portrait of men and women fighting to create and maintain community for themselves in the face of great opposition, hypocrisy and prejudice in a largely ignored subculture of discreet backdoor entrances and hushed sexual expression in small town Mississippi.

      Deep in the heart of the Bible Belt, attacked on all sides by the Christian Coalition, several spirited bar owners have created an oasis for gays to call home. Rumors in Shannon, Mississippi (population 1,657) and Different Seasons in Meridien, Mississippi (population 39,968) have both survived decades of torment and persecution from authorities and citizens.

      The fight for equal rights is far from over, but at these small town gay bars, a "family" has been created for a hardy group of strangers who have quickly become life long friends. While urban life has made strong advances in the hard fought journey from the underground to primetime, these small pockets of community throughout America continue to struggle for basic rights of life and love. Director in attendance

10 PM (FREE)
Gay and Lesbian Community of Regina (GLCR)

2070 Broad Street

  • Queer City Cinema and SCN are proud to be able to host the television premier of David Geiss' colourful documentary Queen City. It was in this very club that David's film premiered earlier this year, so it is only appropriate to watch it premier again, of course this time on SCN.

    • Queen City
      (David Geiss, Canada, 2006, video, 43 min.)

      Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada - the Queen City.

      Inside a dark bar on a busy downtown street exists a community that is outrageous, loud and flamboyant. But why do grown men and women dress up in flashy costumes and lip sync songs to an audience night after night? For attention? Is it merely a harmless hobby? Maybe there's more to it than that ...Take a ride through the queen city and find out. Director in attendance