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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Queer City Cinema Satellite Programming

7:00 PM (FREE)
Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre & Gallery

203-1856 Scarth Street

  • Queer Youth Digital Video Project
    Raw energy, ideas and talent UNITE! Inside Out and Charles Street Video are proud to present the eighth annual Queer Youth Digital Video Project. This year, a group of quick-witted youth under the age of 25 came together to learn the process of short, no-budget videomaking from experienced Toronto-based video artists. After months of preparation, these new works are being introduced to the world, bringing you the freshest voices from the heart of our growing communities.

    About QYDVP
    Initiated in 1998, the Queer Youth Digital Video Project chooses six to eight youth to make a short video for the Inside Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival. Participants are guided through a series of workshops by Inside Out and Charles Street Video that teaches them everything from development to editing to final post-production all in a queer-positive environment. The final videos are premiered at the Inside Out Festival in May.

    • BELLY
      (Dave Deveau, Canada, 2006, video, 6 min.)
      Like a scorned lover, my belly is on attack. (No six pack.)

    • Calling Out
      (Trickee Bandido, Canada, 2006, video, 6 min.)
      The time of her life, the girl of her dreams, and a phone call from mom.

    • In Search of My Chinese Girlfriend
      (Lisa Wong, Canada, English and Cantonese w/ English Subtitles, 2006, video, 6 min.)
      Chinese lesbian desperately seeks same. Must fetishize intra-racial dating.

    • Mke Si Mume (basi tuko wapi?)
      (Alix H. Mukonambi, Canada, 2006, video, 6 min.)
      Paying tribute to fierceness, sistas, brothers, forgotten ancestors and our homelands.

    • Mother, May I?
      (Jerry Lee, Canada, 2006, video, 6 min.)
      Simple laughter and childhood memories, sealed with a mother's kiss. Mama, all I ask is to remember me for this.

    • Soldier
      (Jason Haney, Canada, 2006, video, 6 min.)
      A youth attempts to come to terms with his status in a war well into its third decade.

    • Transsensual
      (Nathaniel Westley, Canada, 2006, video, 6 min.)
      Looking for a chase and a wild zombie attack? Well...he wasn't.
9:00 PM (FREE)
Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre & Gallery

203-1856 Scarth Street

  • Reel Trans
    How much further can we bend the gender spectrum? Will it break, be sold to a major Hollywood studio for a large sum of money, or eventually come full circle? Curated by Nikki Redman and Vlad Wolanyk.

    • Derived of My Beauty (Derivado da Minha Beleza)
      (Luciana Barros & Fernanda Gomes, Brazil, Portuguese w/ English Subtitles, 2005, video, 8 min.)
      Old ideas about the body are fragmented and deformed.

    • Gender PLAY!
      (Philipe Lonestar, USA, 2005, video, 8 min.)
      Come play with a group of colourful young queers as they explore and deconstruct gender and sexuality!

    • Range
      (Bill Basquin, USA, 2005, 16mm, 8 min.)
      A quiet reckoning about family relationships and farming.

    • To Be A Heart
      (Basil Shadid & Billie Rain, USA, 2005, video, 7 min.)
      A playful look at gender from a uniquely Middle Eastern perspective.

    • Road Rash
      (Chris Vargas, USA, 2004, video, 6 min.)
      Can you feel the BURN?

    • Tough Enough
      (Lukas Blakk, Canada, 2006, video, 4 min.)
      What really makes a man a man? Language: English

    • Disconnect
      (Julie Edelstein, Canada, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      Through snippets of conversations, two friends explore one of the less tangible aspects of transgenderism.

    • Frocks Off - Jamel
      (Rosetta Cook, Australia, 2005, video, 4 min.)
      Her mother's engagement dress symbolizes both the love and despair of Jamel's life, and now is slowly transforming into an object of reconciliation between her and her mother.

    • Glass Syringe
      (Nick Carroll, The Netherlands, 2006, video, 3 min.)
      She said: 'No one understands the beauty of a woman in the body of a man.'

    • Two-Spirits: Belonging
      (Rope Wolf, USA, 2005, video, 15 min.)
      This short documentary interviews Two-Spirited people about their sense of belonging to the Urban Reservation and to the Bay Area American Two-Spirits Community for LGBT Native Americans in San Francisco.

    • The Contender
      (Gracie Bucciarelli, USA, 2005, video, 6 min.)
      Challenging cultural assumptions about strength and gender, this video suggests training for the revolution of 'Self.'