Featured Artist: Thirza Cuthand


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Artist Talk and Presentation (FREE)

Saturday, February 1 @ 12 to 1pm – STRUTS GALLERY – 7 Lorne Street
Complimentary lunch and beverages
Saturday, February 8 @ 12 to 1pm – EASTERN EDGE GALLERY – 72 Harbour Drive
Complimentary lunch and beverages

Performance (FREE)

Saturday, February 8 @ 7pm – EASTERN EDGE GALLERY – 72 Harbour Drive


The Future Is So Bright

Cuthand’s work often deals with issues related to Indigiqueer/2 Spirit love, communities, and sexuality. She is currently grappling with larger issues of imminent climate change and it’s effects on multiply oppressed people and communities. “The Future Is So Bright” is based on a series of love letters written to an assortment of women as the protagonist attempts to form a serious relationship while the planet is running out of time. Using a mix of video and performative actions, Cuthand tries to convince her potential mates that there is a bright future ahead for their relationship, in the face of more dire news reports every day about climate change and the global political swing to the far right. Cuthand imagines alternative futures where Indigiqueer/2 Spirit/Indigenous/Queer love survives and thrives, where the idea of starting a family seems hopeful, where generations stretch out into the future beyond our line of vision.

This work walks the line between hopeless and hopeful, is at turns humourous and depressing, and above all speaks to the unease with which we currently view our futures both as a society and on a personal level.