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Line Dezaine – Canada Council For the Arts


Jennifer Smith – Video Pool Media Art Centre Wanda Vanderstoop; Dustin Lawrence; Kiera Boult – V-Tape Jesse Brossoit; Lauren Howes; Genne Spears; Edward Fawcett Sharpe – CFMDC Liliana Nunez; Anne Golden – Groupe Intervention Video Dalina A. Perdomo Álvarez – Video Data Bank

Partnering Organizations, Venues and community support

Jason St-Laurent; Alex Noreau; Tam-Ca Vo-Van – Galerie SAW Gallery Dax Dasilva, Michael Venus – Never Apart Todd Fraser; Colleen Coco Collins – Struts Gallery Philippa Jones; Daniel Rumbolt; Charlotte May Hobden – Eastern Edge Gallery Emma Hendrix; Kelsey Braun; Heidi Phillips; Eusebio Lopez-Aguilar; Sarah Stewart; Andy Rudolph; Kari-Ann Leathwood – Video Pool Media Art Centre Réal Lefebvre – Magazine Fugues

Featured Artist

Thirza Cuthand

Queer City Cinema Board of Directors

Blair Forwald; Jason Cawood; Elian Mikola; Nic Wilson; Katrina Bray

Queer City Cinema Staff

Gary Varro – Executive and Artistic Director
Elan Morgan – Social Media and Promotions Coordinator Russell Portigal – Web and Promotions Design Mike Rollo – Video Compilation Coordinator

QCC volunteers, supporters, fans, and film and video makers everywhere.