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Line Dezaine – Canada Council For the Arts


Jennifer Smith – Video Pool Wanda Vanderstoop; Dustin Lawrence; Natalie Dunlop – V-Tape Jesse Brossoit; Lauren Howes; Genne Spears; Edward Fawcett Sharpe – CFMDC Liliana Nunez; Anne Golden – Groupe Intervention Video

Partnering Organizations, Venues and community support

Y Vy Truong; Kara Stanton; Miles Giesbrecht; Raj Sen; Paolino Caputo – Open Space Gallery David Geiss – CineVic Denis Eve – Victoria Pride Society Jeremy Emerson – WAMP Quin Chiasson – Northern United Place Chelsea Thacker – Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife Julaine Debogorski – NWT Creative Collective David Cheoros – Metro Cinema Adam Waldron-Blain; Michelle Schultz – Latitude 53 Gallery David Cunningham – FAVA David LaRiviere; Lenore Maier; Lindsey Rewuski; Travis Cole – Paved Arts David Karasiewicz – Definitely Superior Art Gallery Deanna Kerkvilet – Pride Central, Lakehead University Student Union

Featured Artist

Thirza Cuthand

Queer City Cinema Board of Directors

Blair Fornwald, Jason Cawood, Ella Mikola, Nic Wilson, Katrina Bray

Queer City Cinema Staff

Gary Varro – Executive and Artistic Director
Elan Morgan – Social Media and Promotions Coordinator Russell Portigal – Web and Promotions Design Mike Rollo – Video Compilation Coordinator

QCC volunteers, supporters, fans, and film and video makers everywhere.