John Waters
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John Waters
Talk & Reception | Learn More

10:30 PM | Friday, June 23

Trashy Treasures Cabaret

Q Nightclub & Lounge - 2070 Broad St.

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Join us after the screening of Pink Flamingos as we continue to celebrate all things Campy, Trashy and Filthy!

TRASHY TREASURES CABARET will feature performances that are guaranteed to make you feel really good about yourself in ways you never imagined, yet somehow render your evening that much more tasteless, tragic and déclassé…we can only hope…enjoy!

Featured Performers and Hosts

GRAHAM AND DIANE is the ongoing saga between a homemade, foul-mouthed, glue huffing puppet and their long suffering, teetotaling, closet-lezbo human counterpart. Graham and Diane reside in a bachelor basement apartment and practice comedy routines. Graham was given to Diane as a teenager, by her drifter uncle, Uncle Rummy, in sympathy to her friendless existence. Graham remains to be Diane’s only friend to date.

MADAME ZSA ZSA, The $2 Psychic is a series of performances that blends social relativism, drag, spirituality and camp. This life work/performance has had many incarnations across Canada including the performance and installation 'Seancé' at Platform in Winnipeg, 2013 and the 'Big on Bloor' festival Toronto, 2016.

Last known living survivor of the Titanic and Largest Drag Queen in captivity, GIA DIAMOND has been entertaining the masses for the last 30 years. Gia has travelled the US and Canada working as a Celebrity Impersonator and stand-up comic and has also dedicated years of doing community work fundraising for many charities and organizations.

Fun Fact! Robert came out the very day that Divine passed away! Spoooooky!

After only 2 years of doing drag, LALA BOTTOMÉ is everyone’s favourite bratty little sister and has already snatched Entertainer of The Year 26 of Regina and All of Saskatchewan and Miss Gay Regina 27. Armed with long arms and a small waist, this flying spaghetti monster will attempt to charm you with her rhythmic flailing and high energy.

Door Prizes - Tickets to John Waters’ talk; event t-shirts and bags by Articulate Ink; signed copies of John Waters’ books; 50/50 draw and more

Note: Tickets to John Waters talk and VIP Reception on June 24 will be available for purchase at this venue.

Lex Vaughn Biography

Photo: Sorrell Scrutton

Lex Vaughn is an AmeriCanadian, multi-disciplinarian artist living in Los Angeles. Her work is primarily character-based and revolves around queer absurdity and butch visibility. For 15 years, she lived and worked in Toronto as a member of the Second City Touring Company, and traveled extensively as a drummer for the bands Lesbians on Ecstasy and The Hidden Cameras. As her character Peanut Brittle, a geriatric dandy, she mounted two interactive shows at Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Projects in Toronto as well as a residency at the AKA Gallery in Saskatoon. Lex also co-directed and starred in the Peaches video, Rub, and provides voice work for multiple characters in the Instagram series Those Shoes and for Jill Reiter's film In Search of Margo-Go. She is one of three collaborators of Shaboom, along with Paul Soileau, that brought their sex-dumpster-petting-zoo-ship-sinking-vaudeville-cabarets to the 2016/17 OUTsider Festival and Fusebox Festival in Austin, TX. Acting credits include Shortbus, Queer As Folk, Tearjerker, and most recently Beards, as a butch stunt-woman from the 1960's. Graham and Diane, her ventriloquist act, has been grossing out live audiences and the internet since 2007.

Andrew Harwood Biography

Andrew Harwood is a Toronto-based artist. He is a graduate of the University of Manitoba MFA, 2014. Harwood's works are in the collections of Queens University, University of Guelph, University of Toronto, Toronto Dominion Bank and the Bank of Montreal, as well as private collections in Canada & internationally.


$10 available at the Q Nightclub and Lounge starting June 1 and at the door