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John Waters
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Camp, Trash, Filth

John Waters Visits Regina

Legendary and much loved American filmmaker and author John Waters – best known for his feature films Hairspray and Pink Flamingos – will travel to Regina to give a 90 minute talk on June 24 at Westminster United Church followed by a VIP reception and book signing.

John Waters’ talk is part of a special project entitled Camp, Trash, Filth – John Waters Visits Regina that will run from June 14 to 24 and will include screenings at The Regina Public Library Film Theatre of Mr. Waters’ early and more recent films such as Multiple Maniacs, Pink Flamingos; Female Trouble; Polyester; Hairspray; and A Dirty Shame.

Acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, renowned Canadian performance artists Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Milan, and other special guests will also be in attendance as a way to celebrate and provide a Canadian and international perspective on the outrageously imaginative themes and characters in Mr. Waters’ films.

Camp, Trash, Filth is a unique extension of Queer City Cinema Film Festival itself, with a rare opportunity to present John Waters and other artists to Regina audiences and the Canadian film and performance art communities. John's lecture will provide an extraordinary occasion for the Canadian film communities to hear one of film's most original and consistent visionaries and to gather insights into how non-mainstream unconventional artists test boundaries and social acceptability. Mr. Waters' visit and lecture sets the tone for the other components of this project which are meant to create a forum for an exchange of ideas and to appreciate provocative, playful and challenging Canadian independent film and performance.

Mr. Waters' quirky, audacious and unusual films and his general disposition as an outsider and one time independent film maker compliment an aspect of what Queer City Cinema Inc. has aspired to be for the last 21 years - uncompromising, brave, risking taking, provocative, stimulating, smart, engaging, transgressive, and unique, but always with a sense of play. It is fitting then, to have John Waters in Regina as a type of personification of this aspect of Queer City Cinema.

Camp, Trash, Filth – John Waters Visits Regina is a must see Saskatchewan event. With screenings, performances, talks – and of course John Waters himself – this will be one of Regina's most talked about events of the year and a rare occasion to hear and meet one of film's most original visionaries.

Gary Varro
Executive and Artistic Director
Queer City Cinema Inc.