John Waters
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John Waters
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7:30 PM | Saturday, June 24

Talk - John Waters;
This Filthy World

Sissy That Talk Lecture Series

Westminster United Church - 3025 13th Ave, Regina

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This is it! The marquee event of the Camp, Trash, Filth – John Waters Visits Regina. Join us at Westminster United Church for an evening of pure trashy delight as we start with a Cocktail Hour in The Pink Flamingo Lounge, followed by Big Organ Recital of top 40 hits – all of which is meant to loosen you up and get you in the mood for This Filthy World presentation by our guest of honour, John Waters!

This Filthy World is John Waters’ one-man show; a “vaudeville” act that celebrates the film career and obsessive tastes of the man William Burroughs once called “The Pope of Trash.” Focusing in on Waters’ early negative artistic influences and his fascination with true crime, exploitation films, fashion lunacy, and the extremes of sexual politics, this joyously devious and continuously updated monologue is a rally cry against the tyranny of good taste and serves as a call to arms for filth followers everywhere.

After This Filthy World, John will conduct a Q&A.


WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! – Join John afterward at the fabulous Pink Flamingo Lounge VIP Reception, where John will sign his books, meet and greet and be your partner for a selfie. Retro style nibblies, The Divine Cocktail Bar, and loads of local entertainment and activities await you at the Pink Flamingo Lounge VIP Reception.



  • John Waters This Filthy World one-man show with Q&A — 7:30–9:00pm

preceded by:

  • Happy Hour in the Pink Flamingo Lounge — 6:00–7:00pm
  • Big Organ Recital — 7:00–7:30pm

followed by:

  • Pink Flamingo Lounge VIP Reception — 9:30 to midnight
    • featuring your choice of one of three pre-autographed books by John Waters
    • a personalized book signing, meet and greet, and photo opp with John Waters!!! all within the Pink Flamingo Lounge with dazzling décor and lighting, festive retro nibblies, ice sculptures, performance art, Tarot Card Reader, Caricature Portrait Artist, The Dog from Pink Flamingos Dispensing Chocolate Mousse Photo Booth, Speedo clad servers, the Divine Cocktail Bar, soulful sounds, soulful souls and hopefully you!




  • John Waters "This Filthy World" Talk with Q&A — 7:30–9:00pm

preceded by:

  • Big Organ Recital — 7:00–7:30pm

John Waters Biography

Photo: Greg Gorman

John Waters was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1946. For those of you who don't know, Maryland can be a pretty strange place to grow up. Luckily for John, 1960's Baltimore had a few saving graces. Here he would meet the men and women willing to work in front of and behind the camera on his self-written, self-produced and independently financed movies.

Waters went from a local boy making cheap, underground movies to a local man making counter-culture Hollywood comedies. But don't be fooled by the veneer - all of his films were shot on location in Baltimore and with very modest budgets. The star power of his post-Hairspray films demonstrate his influence and clout.

Waters writes all his own films, and elements of filth and debauchery exist in all his screenplays. Also present in many of his films is the duality of sincerity and squashed innocence of late 50's and early 60's Americana: sweet mothers who make breakfast for a family of four versus cheap girls who have babies in the backs of cars.

John is also an accomplished writer, photographer and visual artist. He has published multiple volumes of his journalistic exploits, screenplay collections, and artwork.

Of course, he is most well known for breaking boundaries of acceptable filmmaking. Drugs, queers, abortion, religion - nothing is sacred in his field of vision. When asked about it, he says "secretly I think that all my films are politically correct, though they appear not to be. That's because they're made with a sense of joy." And perhaps that is why so many people from all around the world take such joy in his movies.

If you'd like to get an idea of Mr. Water's influences, check out these other directors: Edward D. Wood, Jr • William Castle • Russ Meyer • Kenneth Anger • Douglas Sirk • Ingmar Bergman • Kuchar Brothers • Rainer Werner Fassbinder • Andy Warhol • Herschell Gordon Lewis • Frederico Fellini

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