John Waters
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John Waters
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7:00 PM | Sunday, June 18

A Dirty Shame

Regina Public Library Film Theatre - 2311 12 Ave, Regina

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John Waters
Tracey Ullman, Johnny Knoxville, Selma Blair, Chris Isaak, Suzanne Shepherd, Mink Stole
United States
89 minutes

Based on an actual, but rare, medical condition in which head injuries lead to sudden insatiable sex drives, A Dirty Shame follows the depraved tale of Baltimore mom Sylvia Stickles and her Harford Road neighborhood's decent into debauchery.

Their humble hood has become a haven for perverts. And you're either with 'em or against 'em. Johnny Knoxville is the leader of the sex addicts who are desperately in search of a new fetish. Who will be their savior?

The movie includes some of the most outrageous and juvenile humour ever released by Hollywood. There are several scenes with full frontal nudity, and lots and lots of pussy jokes. Apparently the MPAA stopped taking notes when they were screening it. They just slapped it with and NC-17. The DVD was released in two versions - the dirty version seen in theaters - and the Neuter version. So all you youngsters better avoid Wal-Mart if you wanna see Selma Blair's enormous prosthetic breasts.

Aside from the stars listed above, many Dreamland legends join the cast. Mary Vivian Pearce, Channing Wilroy, Patricia Hearst, Jean Hill as well as the usual behind-the-scenes folks such as Vince Peranio, Pat Moran and Van Smith all took part in the production. And the cameo by David Hasselhoff is not to be missed.

Note: Tickets to John Waters talk and VIP Reception on June 24 will be available for purchase at this venue.


Adults$8 single showing
$12 double feature
Seniors & Students$7 single showing
$10.50 double feature