WORKSHOP: Queering the Celluloid with Elian Mikkola

As a part of Qaleidoscope Queer Film on Tour 2023, a free workshop will be offered in Winnipeg and Saskatoon.

This three-day workshop will be facilitated by experimental filmmaker and green “scientist” Elian Mikkola.

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DAY 1: Thursday, February 2
DAY 2: Friday, February 3

DAY 3: Saturday, February 4


PAVED ARTS (24 20th Street West)

DAY 1: Thursday, February 9
DAY 2: Friday, February 10

DAY 3: Saturday, February 11

In recent decades, experimental filmmakers have explored eco-conscious approaches to analog filmmaking. Experimental filmmakers are leading the way by using ecofriendly recipes such as Caffenol (instant coffee, vitamin C and washing soda); plants, berries, wine or vegetables; or the Phytogram Technique. Additionally, the act of physically manipulating analog found footage has been a long-standing tradition of experimental filmmaking, albeit dominated by white, heterosexual cis-male filmmakers.

Supplied with their own found footage, workshop participants will be encouraged to take this tradition into their own hands - allowing QTBIPOC and LGBTQIA2 bodies to interrupt/disrupt existing images and narratives on the celluloid and take ownership and reconstruct a new narrative, all within an eco-processing framework.

Workshop structure:

Preparation (Day 1)

Hands-on workshop (Days 2 & 3)

Virtual Q&A Session

Ultimately, the goals of the workshop are to bring awareness and access to local filmmaking communities about analog filmmaking in a safe and environmentally conscious manner and to reconstruct, through manipulation of found footage, QTBIPOC and LGBTQIA2 narratives.

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