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Finding Queer Disability

Love Intersections | 6:09 min

This film explores the intersection of queerness and disability, looking at the ways that culture and language are also part and parcel to many other communities, including the Autistic community and the Deaf community. This film was created by Love Intersections, a media arts collective of queer artists of colour in Vancouver.

Wash Day

Kourtney Jackson | 9:52 min

As they get ready for the day, three young Black women discuss the public perception of their Blackness in relation to their cultivation of a strong sense of self. Wash Day is an intimate exploration into how private, domestic acts such as washing your hair or putting on makeup become a significant re-acquaintance with the body, before and after navigating the politics of one's outwardly appearance.


Dorian Wood & Graham Kolbeins | 8:00 min

PAISA is an immersive fever dream that celebrates the beauty of queer brown sensuality, body positivity and individuality. Says Dorian – "...I wanted to create a permanent reminder for us queer, trans and non-binary folks of color that our beauty stretches within and far beyond our times, in either positivity grounded in mindfulness and consent. We are wiser than this world gives us credit for. We are powerful and plentiful. We are forever."

Indigenous Luvvv

Demian DinéYazhi | 4:41 min

A short film about cruising as an Indigenous Queer.

Less Lethal Fetishes

TJ Cuthand | 9:30 min

Not a sex video, maybe a sexy video? About a latent gas mask fetish, but maybe actually about a certain art world tear gas controversy the filmmaker was involved in? But also about Chemical Valley in Southern Ontario? But with like a dick and tits and vag and gas masks and smokebombs, lots of smoke bombs. A pretty film about weird shit.

Hello my name is Sarah

Sarah Hill | 10:00 min

Hello my name is Sarah, is a fast paced video composed of short chapters. As a trans, gender non-conforming masculine of center person named Sarah, I have experienced a lot of uncomfortable situations centering my name. The name Sarah, shows up in the form of legal documents, cakes, mail, introductions, personal interactions, the internet, music, and famous people. The compilation of Hello my name is Sarah is a small fragment of situations I have endured. The individual stories range from four seconds to a few minutes. The video explores the usage of puppetry, humour, paper dolls, footage from my childhood as well as archival video footage from a decade of making work.

Nathan Joe: Homecoming Series

Nathan Joe | 14:00 min

Using three poems, Nathan Joe explores the form of autobiography through performance poetry. A meditation that explores the vast lived experience between Christchurch and Auckland, between queerness and being Chinese-Kiwi. Where nostalgia intersects with hope to reveal a concise history of a whole self.

I am A Fag For You

Vivek Shraya | 5:25 min

Inspired by the cinematography of "Truth or Dare" and "Paris is Burning," this video is an homage to late 80s/early 90s gay culture and aesthetic and a creative response to the loss of queer spaces during the pandemic. We hope that this video will remind queer viewers that they aren’t alone, even when we can only connect virtually, and that our queerness–and faggotry–is beautiful and alive.

Total running time: 69:00 minutes




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Comme tous les garçons

Morisha Moodley | 10:13 min

comme tous les garçons meditates on images and ideas of masculinity and transmasculine identity. The film combines found footage and personal archive in an act of assemblage that mirrors the erratic and eternal piecing together of a queer identity. Showing, too, how this process first consumes, then corrupts and queers. The film attempts to trace a story of becoming, laying bare the moments of conflict along the way. It asks what it means to be and become like all the boys, what it means to want this and how the spectre of Whiteness haunts the wanting.


Kijatai-Alexandra Veillette-Cheezo | 2:45 min

A lyrical film ode to the odehimin or heart berry. A two-spirit Anishnaabe person finds themself in a dark place with their body. They undertake a healing journey, stating aloud their intentions and reconnecting with the land and the water for strength. As they get more in touch with their body and the beings around them, we begin to see them heal.

Bellydance Vogue

Hadi Moussally | 4:55 min

"My birthday was on the 3rd of April 2020, and for the first time, I celebrated it all by myself. But even if I was alone, I decided to celebrate it as if it’s the last one." The film was made during quarantine, using archive films from the 80-90s and using VHS recorder app.

All Falls Down

oberon strong | 6:00 min

Shot entirely on a VHS camera, All Falls Down launches us into a digital hell-loop in which the transgender antagonist comes to terms with ideas of home, anxiety, intimacy, our inevitable death, longing, and the conversation between obsolete and current technologies.

Doppelgänger Memorandum

Clark Nikolai | 6:00 min

In this claustrophobically surreal and comical short, a film-score composer is distracted by a haunted video monitor in the confines of his sound studio, where he watches scenes of disconnected conversations as a result of mis-dubbing. The slippage between dream and reality, past and present, here and there, leaves the viewer in a perplexed state.


Rob Fatal | 14:33 min

6 years ago two artists attempted to make a queer, sci-fi porno: it failed. What emerged 6 years later out of its campy/tragic/melodramatic ashes is this erotic experimental documentary; a meditation on the intersections of failure and fetish as well the meticulous, accidental processes of constructing of cinema and identity.

Policephaly in D

Michael Robinson | 23:00 min

Existential drift in the age of rupture. Leaping, falling, and meeting your new self in an earthquake. Losing one’s head, growing another.

Total running time: 67:30 minutes