ALCHEMY FILM & ARTS (Room 305 Heart of Hawick)


  • SCREENING: 10:00 am
  • TICKETS: Sliding scale/pay what you can


Film Program

All event/s - 18 years of age and older


ariella tai | 2019 | 5:15 min

cavity considers several mainstream and cult representations of interracial relationships between Black women and white men, particularly Olivia Pope’s relationship with President Grant in the TV show Scandal. tai reshapes narratives in which Black women are hurt, abused and abandoned to, instead, center agency, righteous anger and revenge.

Ever Wanting (for Margaret Chung)

Tina Takemoto | 2021 | 6:20 min

Inspired by San Francisco’s first Chinese American female physician, this film envisions the euphoria and despair of Margaret Chung and her insatiable desire for women and celebrity through her forays into drugs, sapphic surgeries, and queer flights of fancy.

Hand of Power

Dara Gellman | 2020 | 6:00 min

Created through the exhaustive collection and categorization of found footage from specific 20th century film sources, Hand of Power mines the liminal space between dream and reckoning, between instrument and agency, and between learning and memory. Interrogating both present-day and retrospective cultural narratives about gender, this video work examines the gestures of the filmic hand as a symbolic agent codifying the quest for control and knowledge. Hand of Power reassembles images as copies of what is remembered and what is newly realized, asking the viewer to linger in the uncomfortable realm of transformation between what was and what is next.

Two Sons and a River of Blood

Amber Bemak and Angelo Madsen Minax | 2020 | 10:31 min

A queer woman is pregnant. The self-made family unit of two dykes and a trans man imagine a kind of erotic magic that will allow for procreation based solely on desire. Together they enact a public sex ritual to symbolize their hopefulness for multiplicity, acknowledging their cyborg bodies as technological interventions. When the queer woman miscarries her child, the three begin to build their own mythic understanding of where bodies live when they are not inside us. They create a story to trace movement of the non-body, from a hole, to a river, to a room. Images of an imaginary white room, an ikea-esque torture chamber of stillness, haunt them. As a parallel emerges between the pregnant body and the trans body, the techno-sex act becomes the key and a pyramid becomes the portal to access this other world of non-bodied existence.

Fluid Bound

Rob Fatal | 2021 | 7:39 min

An experimental gender fluid, mestize-Indigenous film that uses text, sound design, crude animation, and bondage rope to meditate on the complex, generations-old relationships and battles between our skin and our souls.


Vika Kirchenbauer | 2020 | 12:31 min

Composed of short vignettes in different techniques and materialities, UNTITLED SEQUENCE OF GAPS uses the form of an essay film to approach trauma-related memory loss via reflections on light outside the visible spectrum – on what is felt but never seen. Carefully shifting between planetary macro scales, physical phenomena and individual accounts of affective subject formation, the artist's voice considers violence and its workings, class and queerness not through representation but from within.

Policephaly in D

Michael Robinson | 2021 | 23:00 min

Existential drift in the age of rupture. Leaping, falling, and meeting your new self in an earthquake. Losing one’s head, growing another.