event #4

7:30pm | Thursday, September 14

Screening 1

Regina Public Library Film Theatre, 2311 12th Avenue – Lower Level

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TRT - 73 min.


Zachery Cameron Longboy, 2022, 3:46 min.

a poem for my captor.

Will You Look At Me (Dang wo wang xiang ni de shi hou)

Shuli Huang, 2022, 20 min.

As a young Chinese filmmaker returns to his hometown in search for himself, a long due conversation with his mother dives the two of them into a quest for acceptance and love.

Comme tous les garçons

Morisha Moodley, 2021, 10:13 min.

comme tous les garçons meditates on images and ideas of masculinity and transmasculine identity. The film combines found footage and personal archive in an act of assemblage that mirrors the erratic and eternal piecing together of a queer identity.

Small Fires

Nic Wilson, 2022, 5:30 min.

Small Fires is a real-time video of a bouquet of flower-shaped candles burning until they extinguish themselves. There is an essay about the mythology and use of candles embedded in the subtitle track.

Filmmaker in attendance

Sonic Reverbs

Sarnt Utamachote, 2021, 21:40 min.

What does it mean to listen while being vulnerable? Taking the concept "music as a gift", four Berlin-based migrant queer musicians surprised their close friends or relatives with a special song, which then triggered a moment of deep appreciation between them.

Survivor Manifesto – The Art of Making Kin

Dan Dansen, 2022, 11:00 min.

What if we lived in a society in which people who harmed and people who were harmed could heal simultaneously? Survivor Manifesto – The Art of Making Kin is a video essay on survivorhood in which trauma survivors cast a wild vision of a utopian society. The experimental film unfolds a hypnotic undertow that pulls the spectator into a journey from despair to self-love.