Sensing Pleasure

Performatorium Festival of Queer Performance 8
Queer City Cinema Film Festival 17

September 16-18, 2021

The focus of Queer City Cinema 17 and Performatorium 8 will focus on engaging the senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and taste – and the resulting emotional and intellectual stimulation of pleasure that can result.

In an age of necessary and important awareness of and attention to serious social, mental health and climate change issues, along with disconcerting political and ideological divides and overdue shifts in the ways in which artists and art institutions are addressing race, class divide, sexuality, gender and inequality on many levels, Sensing Pleasure is meant to act as an antidote of sorts – a way to address the need to embrace self care and pleasure without shame, guilt or feelings of abandonment of responsibility.

In this way, Sensing Pleasure assists in recognizing that enjoyment, joy, happiness and bliss can be radical acts and that, more than ever, are important and necessary for supporting and progressing mental, intellectual, spiritual and physical health and well being and for sustaining political, social and creative responsibility, action and involvement.

UPDATE: this year's festival and theme was to be bigger, more encompassing, diverse and varied as in past years. However, due to the precarity of the pandemic, a less is more approach was taken, offering audiences fewer events and programming choices over there days. This gentler and simpler approach is perhaps appropriate as we ease back into attending in-person events, and the pleasure we gain from seeing and experiencing art amongst and with others.

Gary Varro
Executive & Artistic Director
Queer City Cinema & Performatorium