11:30PM | Saturday, September 22 | VISUAL Q18

afterparty and screenings

Neutral Ground Gallery | 1835 Scarth Street

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Old Home

Katharine King, Canada, 2016, 5:30min

This experimental dance film explores the influence of post-war melodramas on experimental queer filmmakers. It also illustrates the media hysteria surrounding the AIDS crisis as an important time for the destruction of the nuclear home and ceasing the “othering” of minorities in order to move towards a time of queer solidarity and expression.

Reality Fragment 160921

Qigemu (Jasmine Lin & April Lin), USA/Sweden/UK, 2017, 14min

Our own histories are always under curation, and as such, our perspectives become the central point in the building of personal realities. How do these multiple lived worlds, each their own amalgamation of memories, sensations, thoughts, coexist with de facto presentations of distance, history, and totality? How is this coexistence mediated if one is an actor in the online realm? The Internet functions as yet another parallel universe, but likewise an explicit symbol of the traversing between the subjective and the objective — a symbol in the questioning of solitary truths.


Sabrina Muhate, Spain/Mexico, 2018, 23:30min

Nereida is a transsexual 50-year-old woman who had to leave their country of origin Equador against the discrimination suffered. She works now in the know Desengano Street in Madrid where she earns a living as a prostitute.

The Doubting of St Thomas.

Yonadav Greenwood, USA, 2016, 6:54min

A celebration of sexual desire that goes beyond identity to convey both kinky and commonplace experiences of intimacy. A multifaceted meditation on sex--from gay porn aesthetics and the solitary home porn viewer to delightfully blasphemous and raunchy retellings of religious stories. Enjoy your trip.

The Night Cleaner

Blair Fukumura, Canada, 2016, 5min

As the night cleaner in Canada’s busiest gay bathhouse, Travis has grown accustomed to the unusual duties that befall an employee in such a testosterone charged environment. With good humour and a touch of shyness, Travis takes the audience on an amusing, and sometimes harrowing tour through his nightly duties. His twilight tour shines a light on the inner workings of bathhouse culture, and addresses ideas of disposable sex, gay male bonding, and heterosexual interpretations of gay male spaces.

Negro Hair Petting Zoo

Carrie Hawks, USA, 2017,

My shortest short explores the exoticism of black hair. Once my classmate said my hair was like lamb's wool. The film has screened in several festivals and is included in Un:Read Press's installation at BRIC in Brooklyn.