VISUAL Q - resistance, defiance, protest, action

Performatorium Festival of Queer Performance 6
Queer City Cinema Film Festival 15

September 19-22, 2018

As a way to confront racism directed towards First Nations, Métis, Black, Latinx and Asian identified individuals and communities in Saskatchewan, Canada and beyond, this year’s festival will program performance art and films by QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour).

Being both queer and a person of color engages two sets of social marginalisation and identification and as such, has overlapping, parallel and intersecting representations. How does this dual identification inform artistic practice? What is the process involved in incorporating visual signifiers in performance as a queer person of color, if at all? How and when does art become an act of resistance, defiance, protest and action?

The presence of these artists and their work at Performatorium will provide much needed public exposure and representation by QTBIPOC, and will assist in a dialogue to further address racism and the role that art and artists play in advancing social insight, activism and change.

This year's festival is dedicated to Colten Boushie, Tina Fontaine and many others - to keep alive the memory of their injustices.

Gary Varro
Executive and Artistic Director
Queer City Cinema Inc.