8:30PM | Saturday, September 22 | VISUAL Q16

sexperimental film screening

Regina Public Library Film Theatre | 2311 12th Avenue Lower Level

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Impenetrable as Night

Benjamin Rosenthal, USA, 2016, 8min

Impenetrable as Night takes inspiration from the landscape of northern Iceland as virtual site for a demented tactical and techno-spiritual training camp. Covert mountain-like structures in the fjord reveal themselves to be hybrids of bunker and landscape, as well as metaphors for "the closet." Animated figures perform actions that blur the line between worship, ritual violence and queer eroticism. The iconic Icelandic “hot tubs” become potential sites for some sort of sinister training activity, violent or erotic ritual. The virtuality of the space is revealed consciously via the inclusion (and revelation) of the 3D wireframe, the visible glitch, the use of real-time rendering of individual frames screen-recorded from Maya, and puncturing and layering of spaces that don’t conform to conventions of believable 3D space.


Rob Fatal, USA, 2017, 14:33min

6 years ago two artists attempted to make a queer, sci-fi porno: it failed. What emerged 6 years later out of its campy/tragic/melodramatic ashes is this erotic experimental documentary; a meditation on the intersections of failure and fetish as well the meticulous, accidental processes of constructing of cinema and identity.


Coco Schwarz & Alina Mann, Germany, 2016, 3:33min

An experimental video about chess and nonconforming sexuality. 5073 minutes or 84.5
hours were invested to film it.

Onward Lossless Follows

Michael Robinson, USA, 2017,

A password-protected love affair, a little vapor on Venus, and a horse with no name ride out in search of a better world. Against the mounting darkness, a willing abduction offers a stab at tomorrow. Please note that strobe effects are used in this video.

Doppelgänger Memorandum

Clark Nikolai, Canada, 2017, 6min

In this claustrophobically surreal and comical short, a film-score composer is distracted by a haunted video monitor in the confines of his sound studio, where he watches scenes of disconnected conversations as a result of mis-dubbing. The slippage between dream and reality, past and present, here and there, leaves the viewer in a perplexed state.

Guitar Idol

Kolmel, USA, 2016, 4min

This truly queer experimental short invites you to play Guitar Hero, in a vintage and sexier way.

Johnny R. Demented

Fred Morin, France, 2018, 3:24min

"When I look in the mirror, I'm like, Damn! You look good"

This is a portrait of the "gay4pay" actor Johnny Rapid who participated in almost 200 scenes since 2011. Nearly 1200 images of his face were assembled in a large digital collage in order to make this video. Johnny R. Demented or when money becomes the ultimate excuse to live one’s sexuality by taking advantage of gay fantasies.

Fever Freaks

Frédéric Moffet, Canada, 2017, 8:18min

A detective is hired to find the original copy of a lost ancient book. The book recounts the tale of a plague. A form of radiation, unknown at the present time, activates a virus. The virus affects the sexual and fear centers in the brain and nervous system; fear is converted into sexual frenzies, which are reconverted back into fear, the feedback leading in many cases to a fatal conclusion.

Ist Day and Next Minute

Sara Koppel, Denmark, 2017, 2:45min

A rush adventure into a gender fluid-persons zone of desires.
Where lust & responsibility is constant dividing & demanding needs.

Furniture Porn Project

Antoine Héraly, France, 2017, 10:36min

The hottest Louis Philippe wardrobes in a 10km radius around yours – this kinky little bed side table ready for a one-night-stand – central_kitchen_unit sent you a private message