8:30PM | Friday, September 21 | VISUAL Q8

everyday trans actions – film screening

Regina Public Library Film Theatre | 2311 12th Avenue Lower Level

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Cali dos Anjos, Brazil, 2017, 9:47min

Tailor is a young cartoonist that started drawing cartoons to express transsexuality issues he was facing as well as telling the stories of other transgender people, like Miro who has a hard time to find synthetic testosterone; Tertuliana, who had a cathartic moment during a social event at university, and Bernardo, who is a black person, a mother and a father, and discovers his new identity. A film about transgender made by transgender crew.

Do I Have Boobs Now

Milena Salazar & Joella Cabalu, Canada, 2017, 6:42min

In 2015, Victoria-based trans activist Courtney Demone launched the viral online campaign #DoIHaveBoobsNow, in which she posted topless photos of her transition on social media while undergoing hormone replacement therapy. One year later, Demone revisits the global conversation she catalyzed on social media censorship policies and the sexualization of feminine bodies, and reflects on the impacts of being thrust into the critical spotlight as a visible trans activist and queer feminist.

Home Made

Diana Khong, Canada, 2017, 10min

Home Made is an intimate, contemplative portrait of two queer tattoo artists navigating an industry traditionally dominated by white, straight, cisgender males. The film weaves together the parallel narratives of Jasmine, a shop owner in Philadelphia, and sally, a stick-and-poke artist in Brooklyn, through their trials and triumphs.

I AM! We Are Here!

Seyi Adebanjo, USA, 2018, 6min

In response to unprecedented murders of Trans individuals across the United States and in solidarity with Trans Lives Matter!, I AM! We Are Here! invites the viewer to consider an alternative narrative to the multiplicity of Queer, Trans* and Gender Non Conforming people. I AM! We Are Here! supports the bravery of everyday people living their lives and their truths in the midst of political and social conservatism.

More Love Less Prepackaged Bullshit

Neelu Bhuman, USA, 2017, 1:20min

Set to the soul beat of Assata Shakur, a trio of black transwoman, brown transmasc genderqueer person and a white queer cis man resist dystopia with a sweet bowl full of joy, intimacy and love.

Step This Way

Sarah Hill, USA, 2017, 12min

Attention ladies and gentleman in a few minutes we will begin the boarding process. For most of you this will be easy, for some of you this will be an extremely complicated and nuanced deconstruction of your corporeal existence. We will ask that you identify yourself as soon as you can. If for some reason your gender does not match what we have predetermined it is safe to assume that further examination and investigations will be necessary. For your safety it is necessary to comply with all binary gender markers you encounter along your journey. If for some reason you are unable or unwilling to comply with all lighted signs we may have to ask you to leave or find the nearest exit. Upon exit you are free to resume any gender expression you see fit, but when flying with us one must comply with and not tamper with any pre-constructed gender binaries that have been formerly set in place. Again we want to thank you for flying with us. We know you have a lot of choices, have a safe flight and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

beside the water, 1999-2003

Finn Grey Paul, USA, 2018, 12min

Old photographs of lovers and desert landscapes tell a story of trans masculine sexual discovery in the early 2000’s. beside the water, proposes an alternative mode of retrieving and disseminating a trans past through familial relations and the erotic. Piecing together evidences of a past via an individual's mementos, this work places trans sexual expression in conversation with a non-linear idea of history, that is both real and fabricated.

Princess of Everyday Life

Dan Dansen, Germany, 2017, 9min

We are creatures produced by society – even in the spheres we think as the most private: love, intimacy and cooking. By combining the sensual activity of cooking and a love poem the experimental documentary “Princess of everyday life” takes a closer look to this very fact. Director Dan Dansen gives an intimate insight into his relationship to his partner Fabian through a calm narrative of long camera shots. Throughout the film intimacy and privacy of both the cooking and the love poem become visible in their societal dimension: what seemed to be private appears to be public. What seemed clear and obvious suddenly becomes fragile, ambiguous and queer: A coming-out-story through another perspective.