8:30PM | Thursday, September 20 | VISUAL Q4

reflections, ruminations/loss and love – film screening

Regina Public Library Film Theatre | 2311 12th Avenue Lower Level

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This program sponsored by Common Weal Community Arts.


kimura byol-nathalie lemoine, Canada, 2017, 1:41min

wrinkles of worries
wrinkles of laughs
wrinkles of queer
wrinkles of years passing by

Sex Politics & Sticky Rice

Tina Takemoto, USA, 2014, 8:16min

Protests, potlucks, and three-ways are just the "tip of the rice bowl" for five Asian American lesbians recounting their adventures in sex, love, and queer activism. They were among the first generation of out Asian Pacific Islander queer activists in the San Francisco Bay Area. While Crystal Jang falls hard for her PE teacher, Gisele Pohan's immigrant father dares her to join the 1979 Gay & Lesbian March on Washington. Helen Zia and Lia Shigemura keep a "chart" of the various hook ups and break ups. Zee Wong discovers the joys of lesbian sex in her first girl-on-girl menage a trios.

Open Recess

Amy Jingyi Xu, USA/Canada, 2016, 2:56min

An animated documentary about a nostalgic story of the childhood romance of two girls.

La Mesa

Adrain Garcia Gomez, USA, 2018, 9:45min

La Mesa explores the intersections of memory, identity and queer desire. It recreates fragmented and romanticized stories of a childhood in rural Mexico as told by the filmmaker’s father. The filmmaker casts himself in the old Mexican films and American Westerns he grew up watching with his family in California. By centering queer desire in his family’s history, the filmmaker validates his childhood experiences while challenging popular representations of masculinity as well as traditional notions of power and vulnerability.

This Night, Who is Gonna Cry For You

Dolissa Medina, USA, 2014, 5min

A tribute video to the Mission District’s now-closed Esta Noche nightclub, the last Latino gay bar in San Francisco.


Shelley Niro, Canada, 2015, 5min

A simple story of love and loss. Niagara originally called Ongniaahra, a Mohawk word, from the Haudenosaunee Nations.

I Want To Kill Myself

Vivek Shraya, Canada, 2017, 8:32min

Contemplating suicide: a biography.

Sum (heart)

Jaene Castrillon, Canada, 2016, 2:27min

Based on ideas of Zen Buddhism and rooted in the 7 Grandfather teachings, Sum (Heart) is a rumination on death, grief and letting go.

The World Is Round So That Nobody Can Hide In The Corners - Part I: Refuge

Leandro Goddinho, Germany, 2018, 10min

The journey of an African gay refugee seeking asylum in Germany.

Dislocation Blues

Sky Hopinka, USA, 2017, 17min

An incomplete and imperfect portrait of reflections from Standing Rock. Cleo Keahna recounts his experiences entering, being at, and leaving the camp and the difficulties and the reluctance in looking back with a clear and critical eye. Terry Running Wild describes what his camp is like, and what he hopes it will become.