7:30PM - 12:00AM | Saturday, September 21 | BAB 18

performance: we walk with zombies down the prim rose path – martin o'brien and sheree rose and the ghost of bob flanagan assisted by jeffrey vallance

Dunlop Art Gallery – Regina Public Library, 2311 12th Avenue

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For the past eight years, performance artists Sheree Rose and Martin O'Brien have collaborated on a series of performances that explore endurance, hardship and excess in relation to illness and medicine as well as both the revisiting and reimagining of works that Rose had originally conceived of with her partner of sixteen years Bob Flanagan. Flanagan, like O'Brien, were both born with Cystic Fibrosis, an illness that has informed their work.

This durational performance will be a kind of retrospective as the two artists, now zombies, are brought back from the dead by Jeffrey Vallance for one more night of torture and tortured poetry as they reminisce about their lives and work.

The performance will also feature video collages from Peter Kalisch and soundscapes by Kalisch, Luka Fisher, and Daniel Crook that will weave in and out the threads of Rose, O'Brien, and Flanagan's various works from music videos with NIN and Danzig to photos from that fateful Halloween night when Rose first met Flanagan all dressed up as a dead man.