3:00PM | Saturday, September 21 | BAB 17


Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre, 1835 Scarth St


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Entire screening accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing audiences. ASL services provided for introduction and post screening Q&A.

Positive Youtubers

Leandro Goddinho, 2017, 15:00min

An experimental documentary made with footage material recorded from the computer desktop screen, about 4 Brazilians who have created Youtube Channels to talk openly about their HIV status, in a very positive way.


Gil Goletski, 2018, 6:03min

Mo is an adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They spend a lot of time in their brain. Today, a hole started following them.


Collander, 2017, 5:31min

My sick bed is ghost, dream, lover and wound. Together we lurk around, make sense of resistance and love, and figure out creative ways to stretch twelve seasons of Grey’s Anatomy across the next six decades. Wide angle footage shot in one single, long take. Small video clips recorded live on an iPhone 5s. Editing and music by collander. Curated for Sins Invalid's #CripBedLife, the gallery portion of the 2016 performance, Birthing, Dying, Becoming Crip Wisdom at ODC Theater in San Francisco, CA.

Dreaming Awake

John Killacky, 2003, 6:00min

Experimental short video which is a prayer of reconciliation juxtaposing dancers with disabilities with the narrator seated  in his wheelchair.


Sandra Alland, 2011, 6:20min

Open Captioned
In "Able," Sandra Alland uses stop-motion photography and recorded voice to create a metaphoric and literal vision of barriers to access. The text mixes poetry with benefit applications, border control terminology, and medical and blood donor questionnaires. Notions of disability, race, class, gender identity and sexuality intersect to ask the question: Who gets to be "able"? Part of Tracey Moberly's Tweet-Me-Up at Tate Modern, 2012.


Tom Kalin, 2014, 6:34min

Commissioned by Visual AIDS for Day With(out) Art 2014: ALTERNATE ENDINGS

For Ashes, Tom Kalin photographed thousands of high resolution still images and "stitched" them into a moving image. While borrowing library books for research on another project, Kalin discovered, glued to the endpapers, ordinary "due date" ledgers stamped with dates spanning three decades. Inspired by these tiny ledgers—like skin or palimpsests that recorded an analogue history, an accumulation of many gestures—Kalin combines quotidian pictures snatched from his daily life with an evocative musical track by ongoing collaborator Doveman (Thomas Bartlett). The film layers dates and moments from Kalin's personal world with the public and global history of AIDS.

700 Days

Jessie Ray Short, 2019, 2:32min

How long before the dream of health returns? Will it ever come back?

Please Mind The Gap

Mitali Trivedi and Gagandeep Singh, 2018, 20:00min

Hindi with English Subtitles

Delhi meets at the metro. The snaking lines of the tube now connect the whole city. Passengers’ board from different places but for a brief moment in time they are all headed in the same direction. We share one such ride with our co-traveller Anshuman, a transman. As the stations pass by we begin to look at the metro space from his perspective. His is the story of reclaiming public space and one’s own self. The doors will open on the quest. Please mind the gap.

* accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing audiences