12:00PM | Saturday, September 21 | BAB 16

perforum: artists round table discussion

Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre, 1835 Scarth St


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Perforum is a unique opportunity for this year’s artists to discuss topics and issues relevant to their work and for audiences to listen in.

In response to the theme of marginalized bodies, this discussion will develop around questions such as:

  • Whose responsibility is it to create visibility (and how)?
  • What does relation to institutions (health or art) mean for artists with/making work about bad(ass) bodies?
  • In what ways are professionalization and inclusion good or bad for marginalized artists?
  • What does it mean to group bodies in terms of/in relation to a binary (is there a speculative zone between a taboo body and ideologically-sanctioned body)?
  • What are the implications of conceiving of our bodily states as literal expressions of who we are, and what is the role of the conceptual?
  • How is space delineated in performance – whose bodies are in control/welcome as programmer, performer, and audience?
  • How does performance work for/in relation to marginalized and abject bodies?
  • Are there taboos in performance art about the body?
  • What does intersectionality look like in a conception of body?

This year’s Perforum was formulated and moderated by Letch Kinloch, a Winnipeg-based writer, artist and arts administrator.

ASL services provided for entire discussion.