9:45PM | Thursday, September 19 | BAB 9

performance: pieces of death flesh – erika bÜlle

Dunlop Art Gallery – Regina Public Library, 2311 12th Avenue

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The concept of Obesity in Mexico and Latin America has been constantly rejected and pathologized, a rejection and marginalization that some call "Gordofobia" As opposed to this, within the group of paraphilias is the Anastimafilia, described as sexual arousal by fat, generating the idea that a fat body serves as an object of stimulation. But what happens when you're obesx and working with a slender queer person? The bodies that have been modified are presenting through the systems of consumption and capitalist production, and seek to demonstrate this. An obese body, just like a queer body, is constantly in a deconstruction - construction that often can get to the empowerment of these characteristics, the re-appropriation of insults and taunts.