8:30PM | Thursday, September 19 | BAB 8


Regina Public Library Film Theatre, 2311 12th Avenue – Lower Level

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Lucas Crawford, 2012, 2:53min

A big transgender body dons and sheds a closetful of sweaters at maximum speed, presenting a new look to the audience each time. Some of these looks are posed, while others are only askance, furtive, or sideways. In this flurry of fleece, flannel, and hoodie, the audience must remain unsure as to which view or style of the character - if any – is correct. Perhaps instead of identifying with any one style or image of self, he is indeed always in the midst of ‘changing’.


James Diamond, 2014, 1:59min

An adult oriented mock fairy tale where (“female”) ejaculation combined with true love brings a happy ending to a trans-male narrative.

Besos de Mazapan*

Ramses Rodstein, 2016, 5:10min

Two chicanx, non-binary trans queers come together for a tender, sexy encounter ignited by marzipan kisses. Featuring original song, Con Besos by El Primo Inocente. 


Chaerin Im, 2018, 4:17min

‘At Kindergarten I thought I could grow a penis from my vagina, just like the other boys.’ Although Chaerin Im was born as a woman, she never had affection or interest in objects or properties that corresponded to the category of ‘feminine’. At the same time, she never had the feeling that she should have been a man. Through twist and turns of uncanny sculptures resembling a penis and/or vagina or both, Chaerin questions the general gender connotations.

Indigenous Luvvv (Hanky Code: The Movie)*

Demian DinéYazhi', 2015, 4:41min

A short film about cruising as an Indigenous Queer.

Older Than What?

Steen Starr & Cecilio Guillermo Escobar, 2017, 12.46min

Aging has a tendency to fade people out of the picture. Older Than What? brings LGBTQ elders sharply back into focus with humor, frankness, wit and charm. 12 seniors answer 10 questions about aging and share stories about how they made history.


Chase Joynt, 2012, 8:54min

Resisterectomy is a 4-part multi-media moving image, picture and text installation that challenges the boundaries of a gendered body through the examination and infiltration of, in and on various medical procedures and spaces. 

Red Light Green Light

Maegan Houang and Grace Kredell, 2014, 7:25min

Two young women are sequestered in an underground bunker, waiting for a window of release. Maggie is desperate to connect to the outside world, whereas Dawn has settled into a grim domesticity. When opportunity for escape presents itself, conflict ensues and their partnership is tested.

Buffalo Death Mask

Mike Hoolboom, 2013, 23:00min

A conversation with Canadian painter Stephen Andrews returns us to a pre-cocktail moment, when being HIV+ afforded us the consolation of certainty.

* accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing audiences