1:00PM | Saturday, September 22 | VISUAL Q13

perforum - artist round table discussion: performing alterity

Regina Public Library Film Theatre | 2311 12th Avenue Lower Level


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Perforum - Artist Round Table Discussion: Performing Alterity

Perforum is a unique opportunity for this year’s artists to discuss topics and issues relevant to their work and for audiences to listen in.

Performing Alterity/Performing Normativity

A public discussion about changing conceptions of performativity in life and in art. The artists of Visual Q are asked: is the concept of performativity in gender, culture, and other identities still resonate in today's climate? What is the role of choice/agency when it comes to the performance of self? How does performance art relate to the way we live our lives and enter particular spaces? Does witnessing performance art provide an entry point for confronting identity, embodiment, and socialization? What is the relationship between performance as art and performance as survival mechanism? How are QBIPOC artists expected to perform for institutions in art, identity, and discoursive spaces like panel discussions?

This year’s Perforum was formulated and moderated by John G. Hampton, Executive Director of the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba